Nightfall Episode Guide

Welcome to the Nightfall Episode Guide! This is the central feature of The Nightfall-25 Project: a detailed and deeply-researched database of all 100 episodes of the series, presented to you in two formats: a condensed Summary Guide -- with the most basic production details -- and a Detailed Guide, with writer credits, production location info, CBC airdates & repeats, NPR airdates, commercial audiocassette release info, cast and crew details, plot synopses, reviews, commentary by cast and crew, and comments from fans.*

To help you understand the structure of the Detailed Guide pages, there is a link to a page called How to Read the Episode Guide in the navigation bar at the left. Left-click the link to view it here in the content window, or left-click while holding down the SHIFT key to make it open in its own window so you can refer to it while perusing the Guide.

Also in the Guide area is a section called "Lost" & Other Episodes. Here you will find out about some of the episodes that have long been associated with Nightfall, but were never actually part of the series, as well as some mystery episodes whose titles have come up in research over the years, but have never been found or explained.

*(At this stage not every entry is complete, as there is still much data to be gathered, but all that we have found will be presented in these entries as they are developed).

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